Do you speak Pregnancy? We do.

Do you speak "Pregnancy"

We do.

Forty Weeks is fluent in the language and lifestyle of new and expectant mothers. We serve as a liaison, guide and strategic partner for brands with an eye on this virtual market. Since 1999, we have served as the definitive resource and partner in growth.

Forty Weeks engages with a broad range of brands, non-profits, media and more. We are known for developing comprehensive strategies – allowing brands to garner the attention of, and speak authoritatively to these women and their families. We’re hardwired into this savvy group of voracious readers and fact junkies who are hungry for new information, relationships, products and services that enliven and support their journey.

Forty Weeks develops comprehensive strategies for connecting brands with new and expectant parents


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It’s Working Project by Forty Weeks is committed to helping the private sector successfully bring new mothers back to work with ease, as a matter of course and with a sense of pride

Forty Weeks knows and speaks the language of new and expectant mothers and has been connecting brands to these vital women, with a focus on real needs, challenges, and victories for more than 15 years. Our unique perspective and long-standing status as category leader has led us to work on a wide range of issues specific to new and expectant women in the workplace. As such, we are the only group who can effectively help companies support parents (through a new initiative called It’s Working) with the right fusion of pride and support—both emotional and logistical—helping more women successfully breastfeed after returning to work, and therefore demonstrating commitment to the betterment of the health of our nation. Learn more.


Built upon a long-standing and profound commitment to giving back to the community and a skillful ability to build powerful partnerships that advance brands, Forty Weeks is a known leader and “go-to” partner for creating opportunities that allow brands and individuals to reach key growth markers while, at the same time, committing themselves to helping all mothers succeed. Learn more about what we do.



Whether you are launching an emerging brand or extending/repositioning an existing one, Forty Weeks has got the tools to get you to your goals. If you want to reach them, take advantage of our intimate understanding of the niche. Rely on us to craft a message and strategy that rings true.

Let Forty Weeks deliver the maternity and new mother market to your brand. Learn more about how we do it.

Industry giants mckinsey & company, bain & company and the boston consulting group snapped up 43 students, or 18 percent of the overall class.