Speaking Pregnancy With Style

You’ve probably heard the Oscar Wilde quote “life imitates art…” but what about when advertising imitates editorial? The result is the ever-evolving advertorial, which is just what the former publisher of In Style asked Forty Weeks to design and execute when they wanted more maternity and baby-related content for interested advertisers. The first advertorial and the ones that followed allowed Julia to meld her two favorite talents: marketing and writing. They also allowed In Style to speak pregnancy and baby to their sophisticated female audience by opening up a new area of content in the magazine, while helping companies increase the reach of their ad dollars. The earliest advertorial profiled top names in the maternity and baby industry, including Amy Coe; Due and Sprout’s Pamela Hillman and Marlo Hall Stern; Petunia Pickle Bottom’s DeNai Jones, Korie Fergeson and Braden Jones; Tea Collection’s Emily Meyer and Zutano’s Uli Belenky. The faces behind these well-known names shared how they made their mark, and at the same time raised money for the What To Expect Foundation.

Later, Julia’s “Expect Fashion” advertorial highlighted such industry powerhouses as Babystyle’s Laurie McCartney, Cadeau’s Emilia Fabricant, Childish’s Skye Hoppus and Japanese Weekend’s Barbie White. Most recently, Julia created the “Moms in Motion” advertorial for the Dodge Grand Caravan, describing how all styles of mothers-from the fashionista to the classic mom-live, play and work with the help of their trusted minivan. Other Forty Weeks/In Style collaborations have included “Baby By Design,” highlighting baby clothing designers Kenneth Cole, Hurley, Timberland and more; as well as baby product manufacturers including Aveeno, Boppy and Graco.