A Forty Weeks Guide to What to Expect – An HRH in waiting….

Talk about a break from the everyday (for the commoners of course)…what fun it is to imagine what comes next –  love, marriage, now a ROYAL baby carriage! Luckily for me I have surrounded myself with some of the very best in the bump and baby business who have offered to share their POV on the HRH on the way!  How about a quick inside line one all things for the bundle of joy on the way for Prince William and Catherine the Dutchess of Cambridge:

Royal Names

HRH names are serious business…and one best handled by the true experts! Baby Name Candy (just the name is a treat!!) is my ONLY stop for insights on the very emotional yet exact art of naming.

Here are some of their early but savvy insights. Keep checking back to their site – as the Prince and Dutchess make their way through their Forty Weeks of name negotiations together.

Some quick vitals – Baby Name Candy shares that in the last 1000 years -there have only been 66 monarchs with only 30 names used  – talk about a limited but prestigious field!

They also suggest that we get ready for a traditional, long-winded name filled with nostalgic tributes (think Princess Diana).

Some early favorites:

Girls:  There more options for girls than for boys (namely by feminizing a traditional male name to create a gender-appropriate version such as Victoria or Charlotte). The pool also includes names in use in the current generation such as Georgia (my personal favorite) or Henrietta.

Boys: A little prince could be a nod to Grand-papa Phillip or even a classic like John.


Where will the Royal sweet thing slumber? This one is both personal in nature yet highly visual in outcome. What a question! Good thing I have got the direct-dial bat phone to the one true way to answer this question – by the duo of Melisa and Pam at Project Nursery!  They’ve offered us a sneak peak though the lens of their super savvy eye to see just what a royal nursery might look:

GIRLIE GOLDS                                        ROYAL NAVY


Look for a world of design inspiration on Project Nursery – especially worth the wander are their pinterest boards which will leave you completely giddy from the idea of guilded nurseries and royal round-ups!


When I think out and about with baby I think ChildMode. So, I called on the queen bee of all things gracious and on the go to ask what we might expect to see strolling around the royal gardens. Nadia was generous and gracious sharing a few outing worthy ideas:

“Thanks to my Grandmother’s love for the royals I’ve been a fan of the British monarchy since I was just a child. So to say that I was thrilled to hear this baby news would be an understatement!

All eyes and cameras will be on Kate from here on in – even more so then the past.  It will be interesting to see what gear Catherine chooses for her new addition, although I can be fairly certain the Balmoral Silver Cross Stroller will be just one of the buggies she opts for. Silver Cross has been trusted by the British Royal Family for generations. During travels and quick outings however? My bet is on Baby Jogger’s City Elite.

With so many gorgeous diaper bags out there, it is hard to choose just 1, so I picked two. My bet is on the new Black and White Diaper Bag from Burberry  and Storksak’s quilted Elizabeth.

Highchairs are another must-have for babies and although I feel the new Fresco Chrome is fresh, modern and ‘in’ -  just the thing for William and Kate’s little one -  this oval distressed piece from Posh Tots is more suited for visits to Grandma’s Buckingham Palace.
The new Cybex Aton 2 is packed with ease of use, safety and functionality, making it deal for the little prince or princess.”

Thank you to Jennie, Laura, Melisa, Pam and Nadia for your interest and always clever insights. We’ll all stay tuned…