Gag Me….oh no wait, I am already SICK

This is like so cool – now, when I am 16 and pregnant I can rock my bump with Forever 21. And they even have a way hot leatherette diaper bag -  I will so be wearing it  for back to school with baby…


And now seriously, thank you so much to the fine people who come up with these thoughtless marketing ploys for reminding me that there is a scary epidemic of teen pregnancy in this country. Your bullshit glamorization of teen pregnancy only fuels this lunacy. There is nothing cool about being a 16 year old parent. Shame on you….

UPDATE – 7/13:

According to a scoop from, Forever 21’s maternity line is sold exclusively in cities across California, Texas, Alaska, Arizona, and Utah — the states with the highest teen pregnancy rates. Coincidence? We think not. We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. This is, after all, the same establishment that considers anything larger than a size 10 “plus-sized.”