7 salvations for urban moms

By: Nicole Feliciano

posted: 03/28/2011, 6:27 am

Nicole Feliciano, editor of Momtrends, shares a few bits of wisdom she’s learned from raising kids in the Big Apple.

Living in a concrete jungle has its challenges. One of my missions is to supply urban moms with the tools they need to get out and explore the city with their kids, turning daunting trips into fun opportunities.

Whether you’re a city native or visiting a metropolis with the kiddos over a spring break, arm your family with these seven things:

6. Bravado’s Mobile Breastfeeding Friendly Locator (free): Finding a clean and comfortable spot to feed baby is a breeze with this handy App for your smartphone. Download and plan your day accordingly.

bravado app 150x150 7 salvations for urban moms

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