Fabulous Isabella Wraparound

Forty Weeks
Thursday October 26, 2006

Visit Forty Weeks for what’s hot in the maternity world! Check out this fabulous Isabella Oliver Wraparound top! It is SO adorable! It will fit every pregnant belly like it was made just for you! You just keep wrapping it around until it covers your belly at the desired length, then tie! You will wear this from the beginning months right through to the end of your pregnancy and it will never get too small. A very stylish and versatile item for a pregnant swanky mama’s wardrobe!

Baby Daze Organizer

Another great product at Forty Weeks, is the Baby Daze organizer. It has 8 sections and each section has a log to record the important information like feeding & diapering times, sleep log, pumping log, milestones, gift tracker, food diary, medical info, and contact info.

With this book you don’t have to try and remember everything, you can keep it with you and jot down the info throughout the day, it is also very handy size that it will fit in your diaper bag or purse. People ask me advise and unfortunately, I don’t remember all the little details. This book would have definetly come in handy! There is also a little pocket in back for storing important papers and a couple blank pages for notes. A very cute and practical book that any new mom would appreciate and use!

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