Social Responsibility and Public Health

Our new Social Responsibility and Public Health division was born in response to 15+ years of success in growing ground-breaking philanthropic partnerships, with an eye for moving energy toward real-time solutions to serve all mothers, grow brands and advance the dialog in meaningful ways.

Here’s an idea of what we do:

Broaden client expertise to advance conversations and tackle public health concerns. 

Forty Weeks built on Bravado’s reputation as the leading nursing bra manufacturer to further include lifestyle expertise and positioned the brand as a top authority to the media though the creation of the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Council (BBIC). We helped Bravado collect data from thousands of women and used this wealth of information to help make sense of the challenges and the state-of-mind of mothers, their families and employers to the media. These insights also helped support women to successfully and confidently breastfeed at home, in public, and upon returning to work.

Help brands find growth and meet marketing goals through philanthropic partnerships.

When juvenile gear elder-statesman, Graco decided to launch a new stroller in an attempt to address the changing gear marketplace, Forty Weeks tackled their marketing challenges by aligning them with designer Cynthia Rowley and philanthropic powerhouse -Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The “Be Fruitful” stroller and related campaign and launch event (held in NYC and attended by a cadre of celebrities) in partnership with InStyle Magazine, advanced the goals of all parties—demonstrating an unwavering commitment to all mothers, garnering high media coverage and connecting with mothers via social media.

Identify new audiences and engage them in important issues. 

Forty Weeks Founder Julia Beck rallied influential, high amplification social media moms and used their power for good—to advocate for an improved and national standard in pediatric emergency care Through the production and distribution of a powerful video featuring these women Julia engaged a whole new audience, bringing the message of the Foundation to broadcast, print, web and even Taxi TV making new populations—unaware of the current inequities and challenge—making them both knowledgeable and passionate about this issue and adding it to their powerful, individual platforms.

Connect philanthropic organizations with key celebrities and influencers. 

As Baby Buggy continued to develop critical initiatives to support to at-risk new and expectant mothers, Forty Weeks architected an impactful partnership now in its 5th year. We brought in long-standing client Bravado Designs —resulting in a series of nursing tanks designed by Rebecca Minkoff as well as substantial product donations of Bravado product by celebrities such as Jewel and Jenna Dewan Tatum. These partnerships resulted in the donation of thousands of nursing bras, substantial cash donations and high-level media coverage as well as social media engagement all in support of Baby Buggy’s programmatic initiatives.

Our expertise can help brands identify the most relevant opportunities to make a difference—and then transform those into responsible and intrinsically valuable initiatives for stakeholders and society—creating success for the brand and everyone they touch.

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